Boat Furniture

For all your boat furniture including beds chairs and soft furnishings. Traditionally crafted nautical furniture to modern boat necessities

Open this month’s copy of Boat Owner or YBT and somewhere in amongst the great stories, articles and news you will almost certainly get a glimpse of a photo or two of the inside of a motor boat or super yacht.

The furniture and decor will have many of us in awe at the sheer elegance, style and class that has been achieved in furnishing the vessel. It often looks as good as if not better than many land based dwellings
This just goes to show that you really can have a home from home with boat furniture ready made or made to measure.
Obviously the size of boat or yacht will determine what facilities can be fitted. For instance a king size bed, en-suite facilities, hot tub, cinema and games room wouldn’t quite fit into my Shetland 535 but it is surprising how much can be tailored to fit in relatively small spaces.
So for the smaller boat user, a sink with running water, portable toilet, cooking facilities, eating areas, CD/DVD player and storage is a definite possibility. If your boat already has furniture fitted it may just be the case of improving or adding to what is already there.
Unlike caravan and motor home manufacturers, boat and yacht builders construct the hulls with curves for practical reasons not so that your corner suite from the local furniture store fits neatly. With this in mind boat furniture is often made to measure in order to fit into these areas. There are a number of craftsmen specializing in this activity many of whom will also focus on the caravan/motor home industry. So take a look at these featured organizations that can help with some of those essential facilities.
For the larger boat and yacht owner the possibilities open up quite dramatically. The afore mentioned king size bed, en-suite facilities, hot tub, cinema and games room now has potential. The extent of these is limited to your imagination and the size of your boat. We have collected a great selection of boat furniture companies who will work with you to transform and improve your living space above and below deck.
Designing your interior is made easy when you employ professionals who will guide you through the possibilities available. The materials that are used range from the traditional to the exotic as do the designs. From sumptuous leather upholstery to gold plated taps, adding chic and sophistication. Reflect mood, era and class with futuristic, classic or contemporary styles.