Boat Insurance

Boat insurance company listings to protect your boat investment, with insurance covering theft, damage and much more.

Im sure we all have many opinions on insurance in general both good and bad depending on our experiences. But one thing is for sure, when, you know what hits the fan, very often its insurance that is the safety net that keeps us legal and saves us from loosing everything when that itll never happen to me actually happens. Most will look back and agree it was worth it.

In the maritime world the risks and dangers around us may not be as predictable as they are in other areas of life, and for some, water activities are a pastime or pleasure, which means the lack of familiarity places these risks and dangers at a higher level.

Specialist boat insurance is available to help protect you, others and your boat in the unlikely event of an accident or loss. So dont run with the risks without adequate insurance cover, the premiums may not be as high as you may think.

At Boat Chandlers Guide we are displaying a great cross section of insurance companies that will offer competitive quotes for your chosen water activity, from house boats to PWCs, super yachts to dinghies. Whether its for personal, pleasure or business you are sure to find the product that best suits you.