Boat Loans

Boat loans to help with the purchase of your boat, choose from the many loans and finance packages available.

So you would like to own a boat? Saying it is easy, thinking it is even easier, but doing it is another thing. Or is it? Read on because that dream may only be a click away.

Boat ownership is not just for the wealthy. Ok, it is a luxury for most and the super yachts we see off the coasts whilst we are on holiday don’t come cheap but there are a number of ways which can get us afloat.

Most of us will have borrowed money for a major purchase such as a house or car. Buying a boat is much the same and some lenders will even arrange boat mortgages.

Boat loans and mortgages are offered by many finance companies and this page is where you can start looking.

A boat can be your home and many people choose to live their lives with a boat as their main residence. And, as houses do, some boats can be sold for more than the purchase price hence making it an investment.

As with all loans it is advisable to shop around as there are a vast number of lenders in the market place. Some of these companies will have their own dedicated websites with telephone numbers and enquiry forms you can use to ask questions regarding your potential purchase whilst others will have sites featuring multiple lenders enabling you to compare boat loans.

Do your research on what you want from your boat and will it need extra money spending on it. Maybe you will want additional accessories and fittings to satisfy your needs or perhaps you would like to purchase a restoration project.

Think about where and how often you will use will use your boat. You may want to keep it in a marina in which case storage and/or mooring costs should be considered as they can be costly. Moving your boat to its destination may require towing or haulage in which case a trailer or haulage company costs may need to be added to your costing.

Remember insurance as accidents can happen and boat crime is on the increase.

Boat loans and mortgages may require a survey of the vessel by the lender just as they do when buying a property.

So there you have it! It’s not that different from buying a house and of course don’t forget the safety, training and lessons. You will find all the resources you will need on the Boat Chandlers Guide to make this fantastic activity a reality that may not be too far out of reach of your pocket.