Boat Moorings

Find boat moorings in your country, a comprehensive listing of moorings around the world for your boat.

No towing and no launching. Just arrive at the boat with your supplies and sundries, fuel up and off you go. Or if you live on a boat, and it’s getting more popular to do so, get up and set sail. Either way having a boat on a permanent or seasonal mooring is very convenient.

Unless you are fortunate to live at a residence where a mooring is part of your property then moorings on inland waterways or at marinas usually come at a price. Permanent boat moorings at some popular areas have waiting lists that run into several years and often give local residents priority.

Having said all that, the Boat Chandlers Guide has done some of the leg work by compiling a cross section of contacts worldwide that will hopefully get you tied up with a mooring.

Make a list of the facilities that you require from a mooring, for example, disabled access, WIFI internet and so on. Rank them in order of importance and make your selection. If you’re lucky you may find the perfect spot.

If you are looking for seasonal boat moorings you may consider boat storage opportunities close by.

For those who travel the seas visiting various parts of the UK and far away places, such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean we have chosen to highlight marinas with visiting as well as permanent moorings. Take a look at the marina and land facilities available so as to help plan your trip and be selective as to where best spend your time.

Inland waterways are a relaxing way of spending time afloat. They have numerous places of interest and plenty of bars, restaurants and eateries many of which will have boat moorings alongside. The Boat Chandlers Guide has endeavoured to include a wide choice of popular places from Europe and beyond to assist you in selecting a suitable schedule.

Choosing to live on a houseboat has many important points to consider. One of which is where to moor your boat. We have taken this into account and have information that will help with your search.