Boat Security

Boat security systems to ensure your boat is protected from boat trailer locks to remote monitoring security cameras.

Crime figures show a staggering number of cases of boat and boat related crime. The problem is unless you have a front or back yard big enough to store your boat when not in use, and that doesn’t exclude the possibility of it being a target, then you rely on the security of a marina or boat yard/storage to guarantee it will be there when you next want to use it. Many boat web sites will have a section that is networked with others and the authorities featuring stolen boats and property. Even if you are using your boat will your trailer still be there?

This boat security page is dedicated to showcasing the numerous products on the market to help protect your nautical accessories and minimising the chances of someone literally “sailing away” with your yacht or boat.

Many mechanical locking devices can be purchased from just about any hardware retailer in the high street or online but remember that your equipment may be exposed to the elements and corrosion could be a problem especially if you’re near the sea. So keep an eye out for products manufactured from good quality corrosion resistant metals or have protective coatings, and of course a can of WD40 or alike is quite handy to release that stubborn lock.

Advancements in security equipment over the years have enabled remote monitoring to be a very useful boat security measure to invest in I.P. Cameras or network cameras are a powerful deterrent as well as a great peace of mind. Monitor your yacht, in real time, from any where in the world allowing you to be aware of any suspicious goings on. Set up the system to receive text alerts to your mobile phone on movement detected or view the live web streaming images like watching TV. Some boat yards and most security guarded marinas have this equipment already in place but buying your own portable system for those short or long breaks away means your security is with you at all times.

Other boat security devices include identification and tracking systems. Supported by many insurance companies, these miniature devices are hidden on the vessel and by use of Global Positioning Systems can globally pinpoint and monitor stolen boats. There is usually a charge for the 24/7 professionally managed monitoring but this will often be less than the insurance of the craft itself.

We are not just featuring companies selling security devices and systems but those organisations campaigning against marine crime.

The security market is sometimes regarded a “grudge buy industry”. But it’s a small price to pay for something you’ll hopefully never need to rely on.