Boat hauling

Boat hauling services to get your boat to its destination by road hauling or ship transportation.

Probably most of us have seen them gently making their way along a motorway on the back of low loader. And unlike a Ferrari or similar, who is usually overtaking us, a superyacht is something we can gaze at as we overtake it, wondering of its destination, who it belongs too and what lifestyle they must lead. Quite probably it belongs to the Ferrari driver who overtook us earlier.

Boat hauling is an industry of its own. For those who cannot or simply don’t want to transport their boat or yacht, there is plenty of professionals who have made it their business to take that concern away and safely deliver it to your chosen destination.

The most common forms of transport are by land and/or sea. The choice will depend on the size of vessel and its destination so a combination of both maybe required for far away places.

One advantage, apart from the obvious logistics, is that the responsibility of the care in transportation is handed over to the boat hauling or transport company and will be fully insured. However there are some owner responsibilities and preparations to consider and some transport companies will expect them to be carried out in order they take on the contract or they may have a disclaimer that says the boat will be shipped “as is” and will not accept responsibility for resulting damage.

Some preparations may include:
Check with the boat hauling company that the destination, marina or boat yard will accept the size and type of your boat.
Any loose items to be shipped with your boat should be firmly secured.
Disconnect the electricity supply.
No unsecured items should be left on deck such as anchors.
Ensure all external doors are locked and the key kept with owner or agent.
Most companies require water and fuel to be removed from the vessel which includes removing drain plugs from the hull to ensure bilge is empty.
Masts should be removed and protected accordingly.
Hatches and windows locked and taped from the outside.

So just a few little pointers that may be worth bearing in mind, although the transport company of your choice will highlight their preferences. Get more than one quote and as always check the small print.