Boating Books

Boating books from historical to present day boating, reference, fiction and non fiction books from rowing to super yachts.

Reading about something you’ve never done or something you have often dreamt about is often the start of a new venture or interest.

Whether you’re an avid reader of books or not, if you are interested in boats, the sea, fishing, diving, water sports or anything related to the water then you will surely find it here.

Books are a great way of researching an interest or hobby and Boat Chandlers Guide are featuring some of the best selection of books covering just about anything nautical. Boating books can be an ideal gift or present for that “difficult person to buy for” which most of us have said from time to time. Reference books can be the essential “must have” when a keen do-it-yourself enthusiast is about to bravely embark on the annual or routine maintenance of engine, yacht or boat. Adults and children alike will enjoy stories of the sea such as Moby Dick.

Ok, some may say the internet is the place to find information quickly, and as true as that may be, there is something real, relaxing, perhaps more convenient and more significant about having a book in your hand.

So as not to clutter things up we have kept boating books separate from maps and charts, which you will find on a separate page.

Choose from literature covering just about any subject to do with, on and under, water activities. We are featuring many of the best known book retailers to help you with your selection.