Marine Communication

Marine communication from simple hand held, boat mounted to advanced wireless and marine broadband communication systems.

Where am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? Where have I come from? How do I get back? Who’s out there? Who can hear me? Can anyone help me?

The answers to these questions especially when at sea are key to your safe enjoyment on the water. Positional technology has advanced since the first sea farers who relied on the sun, moon and stars and the use of the sailor in the crows nest hollering “land ahoy” has been replaced with wireless systems.

Marine communication embraces the uses and technology available to establish position and demonstrate existence at sea.

The products available on this page range from simple to use off the shelf equipment to professionally installed systems. Take a look at some of the great deals we are featuring, it may be a good opportunity to upgrade.

If you’re keen on fishing why not take a look at the offers on depth and fish finders. These little gadgets are very useful determining the depth of water you’re in, the profile of the sea bed, how many and size of fish passing beneath your boat. They are easy to fit and also come with other useful feature such as speed.

When at sea it is vital to be able to send out a distress call should you need to. There are a large variety of marine communication devices on the market today. For close to shore contact a simple hand held VHF radio is a good starter unit and can be purchase for less than £100.00. These radios are often rated in Watts power. Generally speaking the higher the power the longer distance it will transmit and receive. Waterproof versions are available at a little extra cost but worth considering in case of a mishap.

VHF (Very High Frequency) is limited to line-of-sight so once beyond the horizon then marine communication via satellites would normally be relied upon. This enables ships and boats to communicate from just about any position in the world as there are many satellites that can talk to each other hence creating links through space that circum navigate the globe.

In all this it’s worth noting that it is a legal requirement to hold the necessary licences and certificates for these and other types of electronic communicative devices. From this page you will be able to communicate, without the need of a licence, to countless number of professionals who will cater for the most basic to the most advanced systems available suitable for just about any sea going craft.