Marine Electrics

Marine electrics from batteries to basic and advanced marine systems, find the products to bring your boat electrics to life.

Just about all the resources you will need to keep powered up whilst afloat!

It’s difficult to know where to start and end with this topic because it covers so many different areas and devices, but to narrow it down lets talk about the essential parts.

If you’re someone who enjoys the simpler side of boating or yachting, where the only thing electrical is your MP3 player then this page is probably not for you. However should your boat have a battery or power source then read on.

Marine electrics concerns boats and yachts that have AC and/or DC electrical systems. For those vessels that have both, the AC system is generally for shore power i.e. when moored up at shore. This system will charge your battery power for later whilst at sea and provide power for living whilst you’re connected up. DC power alone makes use of one or more batteries and relies on your engine, solar panel/wind turbine or land based battery charger to maintain its electrical power.

Many of the essential instruments and equipment onboard will rely on a healthy electrical power source. All too often a hidden battery will be neglected along with the connections and wiring itself, so periodic checks to ensure you don’t get caught out bobbing around without a spark is advisable. Poorly installed or maintained marine electrics can not only let you down but be a potential fire hazard especially for craft with fuel aboard.

So starting with a good reliable power source is important. Check the condition of your existing battery and replace if necessary. Choosing a battery for your boat will depend what equipment you expect to power. The bigger your boat then generally speaking the more advanced a system you will require. Charging systems can help with prolonging the life of your battery as well as keeping the battery topped up with charge, so consider how best to combine this function when buying a battery. Solar and wind power energy have come a long way and a simple solar panel can keep a healthy battery topped up even when cloudy.

Specialists in marine electrics installation and service can guide you in making the right choices in taking on the DIY or commission full systems for a professional job. Distributors and stockists will supply the equipment for self fit but are also very helpful in passing on advice. We have put together an on line retail and business park focusing on the essential electrical components from basic to the advanced superyacht system as well as some of the ancillary specialist equipment.