Marine Engines

Marine engines, new and second hand engines, inboard and outboard power plants for the marine industry.

Although sound can be regarded as pollution there is something stirring about the sound of some engines. Whether it’s the gentle purr, the almost silent hum or the hair raising thundering roar, the noise of an engine is a reassuring resonance of the presence of power.

At Boat Chandlers Guide we understand the importance of reliable marine engines and therefore have a great platform showcasing the best engines in the world from top performing companies.

As well as withstanding the rigours of corrosive sea water and being exposed to the elements they have to be efficient and reliable and have competent manufactures, dealerships, service/repair centres to back them up.

Boat engines come in different types and sizes, inboard, outboard, long shaft, short shaft etc. Fuel types vary too, generally electric, petrol and diesel.

Types of marine engines are matched to the type of boat customers have or are intending to buy, its uses and to their preference of fuel and/or economy. The care and regular service of an engine is probably considered one of the most important and yet least maintained areas of a vessel by many who only occasionally use their boat.

Unlike a car, a boat engine that has been stood for a long while without use may let you down without much warning. Solidified matter like salt and silt can clog the waterways of a cooling system causing the motor to overheat, control linkages may also seize, wiring and connections may have corroded, any of which can render the user in difficult circumstances.

So whether you’re looking to buy new or pre owned take a look at our advertised companies, they can help with the purchase and periodic care of marine engines of most types, makes and size. Choose from the smaller electric powered motors suitable for the lighter water craft to the bigger power plants that will propel you’re speedboat, power boat, motor yacht, motor cruiser and super yacht reliably manufactured by the best known names in the business.

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