Marine Plastics

Marine plastics including new and replacement boat windows and screens from quality plastics suppliers and marine equipment fabricators.

Finding a replacement screen or window for your boat or yacht can sometimes be not as easy as some may think. Perhaps your boat is a model which isn’t supported with spares anymore or if it is the plastic component has a long lead time and is very costly. Maybe you would like a custom designed additional plastic component manufactured. Marine plastics, although not one of the most popular categories, but nevertheless one that we thought would be useful.

Custom made components that can be produced from a pattern, sample or drawing for your craft. Take a look at marine plastics for your new window, screen, bush, trailer runners, hatch, bearing or protective shield, the companies featured can almost certainly help.

Most are also stockists of the common plastics in stock size sheet, bar and tube form used on boats and yachts. Some marine plastics are of the more advanced engineering plastics type which only a few stockist will have available. Boat Chandlers Guide have included a selection of companies that supply a good cross section of materials and services to make this a useful portal to save to your favourites.