Working on a boat

Working on a boat for some is both a pastime and an interest. Turn a working job on the sea into a boat activity or perhaps a sport.

For others it’s a way of life, a career or a job and some are fortunate where it embraces all the above. Maybe you have your own yacht or boat and need a crew to sail her to a particular destination or merely to take charge whilst you enjoy a vacation.

The boat jobs page is where you can start looking for hundreds of opportunities to working on a boat with jobs and careers or find the qualified personnel to satisfy your sailing needs.

Choose from featured boat jobs around the globe, deck hands, chefs, captains or multi skilled staff. Short, medium or long term contracts for either job hunter or skill seeker.

Find that perfect job you have been looking for, it maybe your first time and you want to embark on that voyage of discovery to find out if you have what it takes to be a shipmate.

You’re an experienced seaman/woman and you have your eyes and heart set on heading for a career in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Take a look at the opportunities for boat crew jobs in far away places.

Qualified crew that will take competent charge of your vessel are only a few clicks away.

Work on the tall ships, learn traditional navigational skills, be taught the art of traditional wooden boat building, study modern boat/ship/yacht building and gain the qualifications for a new career or further your existing knowledge to expand your horizons.

Working on a boat as part of a boat crew will expose the weaknesses and strengths in people. Find out who you really are and test your endurance, challenge the integrity of your spirit and determination and push yourself to your limits and beyond.