Yacht Catering

Gourmet services providing simple picnic packages or full catering from the mainland delivered to your yacht with additional services of trained staff to prepare food on board.

What could be better than having your breakfast, lunch or evening meal delivered or prepared for you on board your boat or yacht?
You wake, go up on board and take in the fresh sea air. Just one phone call away is breakfast. Relax in the morning sun and know that in a short time your most important meal of the day will be freshly prepared and delivered to your craft.

Companies specialising in yacht catering are scattered all over the world and knowing where and who they are enables you to plan your gourmet party or deserted beach picnic at the port or country of your choice. These professionals will even send chefs and catering staff to prepare and serve your chosen menu on board your boat or yacht.
Champagne or fine wine to toast the evening or maybe a boat wedding compliments the simplest or most extravagant food menu whether it’s a picnic hamper or full on board wedding. Quite simply their limits are your imagination.
Although the idea of ordering fine fair from a Yacht Catering company for delivery whilst at sea may sound like a warmer climate idea there are a fair number who operate this type of service in and around the UK. The south coast has a good selection of such businesses particularly around Southampton and Portsmouth.
Whilst some may regard this as nautical extravagance reserved for the affluent mariner there are practical reasons for using such services. Regattas, film shoots, sporting events, news and media crew will often use these organisations as many will not have the staff or resources to carry out this essential refuelling during their busy schedule.
Peruse this page for a showcase of yacht catering companies many of whom will tailor the menu to suit the individual, the dietary requirements, the occasion and pocket. The attention to detail these gastro professionals make would put some reputed quality restaurants to shame and to think they transport the product out to sea is truly remarkable. Make your vacation, your corporate event, your celebration or your surprise a truly unforgettable occasion and book something special today.